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A Word from Father Ed…




Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,


            I am grateful to all who co-hosted and to all who attended the ministry fair last weekend.  Many parishioners noted, among other things, the community spirit, the invitation to get involved, the joy of so many ministers, the welcome many felt from one another and the parish, etc.  There is still one more opportunity to sign up for ministry.  You can do so through the parish’s website, namely, www.denvernotredame.org.  There too you will find the ministry opportunity insert.   


            These past weeks we have been renewing our parish’s spirituality of stewardship.  Allow me to summarize this renewal.


            God—the only true God—is a giver not a taker.  In fact, that is how one can distinguish false gods from the true God.  False gods do nothing but take, take, take.  God, who is true, does nothing but give, give, give.  The Greek work for gift is charis.  Charis is the root of our English word Eucharist.  God has given us the gift of his only begotten Son, Jesus.  Jesus has given us himself—literally his own body and blood.  And he has given us the Holy Spirit, the soul and animator of the church.


            All the gifts God has given us can be summed up like this:


            Old Testament:     Torah   ~    Temple                   ~   Mercy


            New Testament:   Word    ~    Body and Blood   ~   Cross


            St. Paul teaches us to be and to be known by others as trustworthy stewards of God’s gifts by offering our bodies as spiritual (conscious) worship.  This is true no matter the social, cultural, status, or physical condition of our bodies—old or young; feeble or strong; working or retired; male or female; Anglo, Hispanic, or Vietnamese.  A Christian stewards these gifts by dialoging with the word, that is, praying and entering into an intimate, abiding relationship with God; by offering our bodies in service; and trusting Jesus’ cross.  Jesus himself said that that he came that we might have life and have it to the full (Jn. 10:10) and when he is lifted up he will draw all people to himself (Jn. 12:32).


            The teaching of the world regarding money is in direct contradiction to the teaching of Jesus’ in the gospel.  The world teaches 1) that the most important thing we must have and have more of is money and 2) that we own everything we come to possess.  Jesus teaches us that the most important thing we must have and have more of is God.  He teaches us that we own nothing; everything, including our very bodies, is a gift, a charis, from God.  A Christian shows his gratitude for these gifts when he tithes gratefully—tithing that is prioritized, planned, progressive, and percentage-based.


            At all Masses today I ask every parishioner, individually or as a family, to sign a commitment to the three tenets of Notre Dame’s spirituality, namely, to pray more (personally and in family), to commit to service, and to take the first step of trusting more in the cross through sacrificial giving and tithing.


                                                                                                                                                                         Father Ed 




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